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UdderlyEuro 2021


Took a drive out to Neenah, WI to check out the UdderlyEuro 2021 show and it certainly was a delight. The town it self is just located south of Appleton, WI and connected with Lake Winnebago. Not large, but very simplistic and downtown is beautiful. The Euro District certainly got some beautiful weather this day and it worked out great coinciding with the city of Neenah. Now keep in mind this a European Automotive show only so anything else, other than a Euro, cannot register. Luckily for us, Drive Cartel has a couple of European owned vehicles to attend the Father's Day weekend show.

The range of vehicles were kept to a majority of Volkswagen's and Audi's, but occasionally, you'll find other brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo's. The years that this show covers, was quite large as you found vehicles from classic VW Beetles to the new BMW M4. Many of the classic VW's came in together from the VW Vacho Club of Chicago and you could tell, that some of those cars were either finished, or close to it, or just in the beginnings of their builds. Either way, they were some amazing vehicles to see and hear as they left the staging lot to enter the show.

Speaking of attendees, owners traveled from around the upper mid-west for this show outside of just Wisconsin. At UdderlyEuro, I spoke with a few owners who had traveled from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. Even ran into a few familiar faces from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. UdderlyEuro knows this, and even had a deal for hotel accommodations for those of us who were traveling in from out of town. It really was nice to see people from all over the Upper Midwest, with different personalities, builds, and age ranges. Some groups of people were there to compete, and some were just there to have a good time with friends, old and new.

One surprising thing I saw was the lack of super or hyper cars. There were a couple of Porsche's and Audi R8's, but I was expecting to see a Lamborghini or Ferrari or some sort. Nonetheless, the builds here were phenomenal with full restored cars to its originality, or turned into a modern show piece with air ride, newer wheels and such. Cars were slammed to the ground because of bags or even rolled in static. Fully custom audio boxes, seating and dash kits with exterior modifications like body kits, vinyl wraps and custom painted wheels. Many of these cars you can tell traveled the distance to be here and it is great knowing that they all made the journey to Neenah, and to back home.

Like any show, it is nothing without it's sponsors or crew mates to help run and keep things organized. The placement and direction of the displays were put on spot and it helped direct the flow of traffic for attendees and participants. You could easily see every car and walk by every vendor booth on site for the day. Neenah itself awarded permits to shut down streets and lots for the show and really opened up a waterfront view portion of Lake Winnebago. This Eurotrash Apparel show was my first, and hopefully not last. But the organization of the planners and the hosting city of Neenah, WI make for a wonderfully ran car show that sure will continue to gain popularity outside of the Midwest for years to come. And hopefully, Drive Cartel can be there in support along the way.


Again, we would like to that The EuroDistrict and the city of Neenah, WI for their hospitality and car show. Please help them by visiting the show sponsor links below. And as a reminder, The EuroDistrict has another European car show on October 9th, 2021 in Jeffersonville, IN. just west of the Ohio River.

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