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If you ever find yourself in Central Wisconsin, particularly on State Highway 29, be sure to swing by Affordable Auto Parts to check out the amazing memorabilia and die cast cars they have for sale. Do not worry, they have actual auto parts and supplies also. Upon arrival, you can see the shop has a quite a large undertaking of outdoor memorabilia of truck tailgate benches, classic-retro fuel pumps, a multitude of metal signage, and a wonderfully painted garage door. The Volkswagen Bug "Herbie" hood stands out quite well centered between the doors.

When you enter, you're immediately surrounded by almost everything cars. From smaller items like keychains and 1/64 Hot Wheels to larger 1/18 scale cars and retro gas cans. With over 1500 square footage of product, and new stock weekly, it is easy to find yourself lost in time while browsing through the shop. With not just newer available cars, they also are able to have for sale older, possibly harder to find die cast cars. One section had a few of the original "Days of Thunder" die-cast replicas and memorabilia like cups and even the video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System from the early 90's.


Not only automotive things for humans, but for the dogs too. They had the Puffin Products dog toys available for sale that we reviewed a year ago on our blog, and for the most part, I forgot to purchase some to bring home. The shop is much like any other parts shop carrying various oils and other fluids, mechanical parts, tools, as well. For the kids, other than the actual die-cast cars themselves, they also have a few pedal cars, a "radio flyer" style wagon, playsets and mats as well as a pretty nicely set up workbench with an engine for the kiddos to use (after purchase of course).

There are lots of memorabilia for everyone to choose from. From those looking to spruce up the man cave or garage, or for those who look to collect something rare and hard to find. Other than for the Back to the Future II Hover Board as seen in the photo on the left, you can find retro and original board games like the "Mr. T Board Game" and automotive themed puzzles. There are all sorts of tin/metal signs of various designs and about various topics. As well as lighted signs, posters, original advertising/marketing displays and photos, and vinyl records for display.

As for the 1/64 cars, there is a complete separate room with all things pegged. There are a few cars like Matchbox and JadaToys in the main retail part of the store, but there is a specific room with tons of Hot Wheels hanging 3-4 deep on each peg. Affordable Auto Parts doesn't just have carded cars, but loose ones as well (opened/out of package cars). There is even a bargain bin of opened/loose cars to choose from as well. For smaller die-cast brands like MiniGT, M2M, and such, they have quite a decent availability of various models and playsets to match. My son in particular really enjoyed the framed cars and actually wants to do one for himself also. Only problem is, I told him he wouldn't be able to play with them anymore if he did do it. For collectors, you can find accessories for your cars like diorama kits and accessories, wheel replacement kits, and scaled posing figures. GreenLight Collectables has a fairly decent presence here with their multiple lines of cars series like Greenlight Hollywood, HD Trucks, Club Vee-Dub and more sitting on the pegs. As stated earlier, it's easy to be lost in this room for quite a while. In the a third room with the signs, puzzles, and such, they have more 1/64 scaled cars sitting on the diner tables for sale also.


Affordable Auto Parts is opened Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm and on Saturday from 9am - Noon. But stay tuned to their Facebook page as they do hold special sale or themed weekends with extended hours for Saturday and Sunday. As of now, they only have a Facebook page and retail only consists on being in the actual store. The store doesn't offer any shipping on products, but certainly can answer any questions you may have about in-stock availability and respond to Facebook messages in a pretty fast notion. As a die-cast retailer, they don't currently attend any shows, but they want to plan on doing so as well as expand their current set up for more die-cast this year. It may seem like quite a drive, but it isn't really that bad considering what you're experiencing. I certainly plan on going back again and my son is already counting down the days to go back.


Important Information:

W10906 County Road North

Stanley, WI 54768

(715) 669-3917

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