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To The Dogs...


For many of us, cars aren't the only thing that comes to being part of a family, it's our pets as well. Let me bring you to Puffin Products and their small line of dog toys, themed for automotive enthusiasts. A small company with a great idea, and expanding. Puffin Products created a themed set of parts that the everyday car owner should be able to recognize. A V8 block, Brake Caliper and cross-drilled rotor, Shift guide, Oil Filter and Large scroll turbo. A must gathering of toys for the pooches of the garage and shops.

Puffin Products is based in Toronto and has been around since 2019. It started with a love of cars, with friends who love cars with dogs, and from there, they had a clientele almost immediately. The name of Puffin Products actually comes after their dog, Puffin, who isn't just the mascot, but also the CEO behind the curtain. The thought process was actually not as easy as it may have seem. The final products came about from searching through websites, performance parts, and forums for what would work. Ultimately, there was a lot of back and forth between designing what looked good, what worked as a dog toy, and with the technology available at the time. The company itself is still in it's "puppy stages" as founder Jeremy Sims mentioned in a quick questionnaire for me. Jeremy and his brother, Eric, started this through economic uncertainty, heavily being brought into the market from a home throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. As mentioned, Jeremy said they didn't actually get their first sale until late 2020, but since then have certainly felt welcomed by all into automotive enthusiasts world.


Personally, I ordered the brake rotor/caliper and the oil filter for my little guy, Vash. Off hand, the size of the toys are pretty decent the dimensions are listed for each toy on their website so that you can judge if the size is appropriate for your dog. With a Corgi, we went with a medium sized toy and a smaller one. The toys are definitely made of a sturdy canvas type of material and stitched very well for durability. The embroidery is done seamlessly without any rough edges for tears or loose threads. The lettering is bold, and readable. The cross drilled pattern is predominantly done well also. With only having the toys for a few days, the oil filter is already one of Vash's favorite toys to carry around and play with. The rotor is slightly large for him, but he has figured out how to carry it around and loves to play either fetch, or keep away with it. It works great for tug of war and catching though, where the oil filter is great for playing fetch. As stated before, both so far, are very durable and have been able to withstand the outdoor conditions outside as the Minnesota winter melts away. So far, these toys have been the most durable ones yet, but keep in mind, every dog is a different chewer.


Not only does Puffin Products sell dog toys, but they also have a few upcoming products to keep your car and pup safe like seat covers, cleaners and seat belts in development. They also contribute a portion of every purchase to donate to Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization to end animal neglect, homelessness and abuse. Overall, I'll be awaiting any new announcements and products from Puffin Products. I'll surely be ordering from them again for either Vash, or car friends who have dogs. So be sure to check out their website and view their products. Shipping is fairly quick and toy bundles are available for better pricing. Also, don't forget to enter our exclusive coupon code, "DRIVECARTEL15" for 15% off your total purchase at check out, or click this link Puffin products for it to be automatically applied. Also, feel free to visit Hope For Paws if you'd like to make a donation, or visit your local animal rescue to learn more about helping animals from neglect, homelessness, adoptions, and abuse.


Remember to take care of your dog just as much as you take care of your car, obviously, if not more. These toys are a great way to tie the two together and your dog will remain loyal to you as long as you are loyal to it. Thanks to Co-Founder of Puffin Products, Jeremy Sims for taking the time to answer a few questions for this quick blog and review. Majority of photos are provided by Puffin Products with permission and remain property of Puffin Products.


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Puffin Products (Discount Code: "DRIVECARTEL15" for 15% off)

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