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The Lucky Few...


A little over a week ago, the United States Treasury Department auctioned off a collection of JDM cars and parts that were seized. A lot of about 20 cars and its various parts went up for auction and quickly ended at $148,000 for everything. One particular odd ball of this seizure is for the majority, almost all cars that do not adhere to the 25 year importation laws are crushed with no exceptions at the owner's expense. These 20 cars however, were given a second chance at life through the auction at Apple Auctioneering with the understanding that the winning bidder contracting out with a customs form 7512 to be approved for exportation outside the U.S. directly from storage. As well as the understanding that any attempt to re-import these back into the US will result in property seizure, destruction, and penalties once again.


The 20 cars ranged from high-end and highly sought after Nissan Skylines and Toyota Chasers to semi-wanted cars like the Nissan S15 Silvias and Toyota Aristos to a few vehicles not thought of being imported like the Honda Accord (Acura TSX) and a Honda Odyssey. All cars had the front clips removed but with how everything was seized within the containers, it's easy to say that with a few tools, everything could easily be put back together to get each and everyone of these up and running again. Most suspension parts and drive-trains we still all bolted together with the motor and transmission for the most part.

Pallets upon pallets of parts as well. In the containers you could find all the matching headlamps, hoods, and bumpers for each vehicle as well as matching wheels and tires. There are some speculation as to how or why these vehicles were shipped in hopes of getting around the Department of Treasury and simply, just didn't. Some have explained these were coming in under a "Salvage" "junked" "Non-salvageable/Parts" title and some said they were blatantly just trying to get sneaked into the U.S. without knowledge. No information or itemized lists were available at this time to truly list the total amount of makes and models with what parts, or to whom was connected to these shipping containers.


Listed below are the chassis/platforms for the auction.

  • S15-036870

  • ZX100-0112718

  • WGNC34-137804

  • BNR34-000862

  • JZX100-0098962

  • ZX100-0100084

  • S15-031569

  • S15-003414

  • CL7-1001784

  • CL7-1001107

  • ER34-025189

  • JZX100-0110120

  • HR34-001182

  • JZS161-0028687

  • S15-027050

  • S15-027422

  • S15-031192

  • S15-028542

  • RB1-1405704

  • Black Euro R No Vin Listed


But the cars got lucky to be auctioned off instead of off to the crusher. Depending on the actual year of the specific car, it really isn't that far off the 25 year exception rule anyhow. For example, depending on production dates, the Toyota Aristo and the Nissan Stagea are available for U.S. importation this year and prior. Although some vehicles like the Honda Accord (2003/2004-2008 Acura TSX in the United States) won't be able to be imported into the U.S. until minimally 2028 and more likely 2029. As for the individuals who did win the auction, I hope in part, with what seems to be complete cars shipped in pieces, that each one of these can be restored and perhaps make it to U.S. soil on legal terms one day.

All Photos provided by Apple Auctioneering Co.


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