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2021 Cars & Craft - May

Updated: May 8, 2021


Let's bring things around and talk about this years first Drive Cartel Cars & Craft event of the year. May 2021 brought a lot of hope and energy for folks in the car scene looking for something to kick off the summer with. The pandemic certainly shut a lot of things down last year, but allowed a lot of people wrench time they normally couldn't afford to do. For us, it was a return to a place that helped start it all, Saint Paul Brewing, a place that easily helped support us since the very first show in 2017, and has continued to do so ever since.

A free show with limited space that has us siphon through owners rides to be featured in the main lot of the show, we've been able to see regulars that make every show, and one-time show stoppers that take their time to the drive and make an appearance for one night, and one night only. Aside from your BMW's, Honda's, and Ford's, we've see a good amount of cars that appear only once in a while like a Lamborghini Aventador, Ariel Atom, and even custom rat rods. From modern to classics, sports trucks to hyper cars, May 2021 was no different this time around. Bestowing their presence on us this time around, was a Noble M12, 2 Nissan R34 Skylines, Rocket Bunny GTR, a crew of low riders (Rollerz Only), and wide body Altezza converted Honda Accord.

May 2021 was certainly our largest attended event thus far as we noticed that all 3 of our overflow lots were full, plus more. There were just as many unique rides out in the spectator lots as there were in the featured lot. While making your way into the show arena, you can always catch yourself finding another ride to gaze upon during your walk through. Cars that we even personally saw that very much deserved to be in the featured lot, if per-registrants ended up not showing, or not being able to stay the duration of the show. Cars we noticed in the lots ranged from new Camaro ZL1's, Mazda RX7's, Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche 911 GT2, and even a classic Buick Eight.

New for this year, Saint Paul Brewing and Drive Cartel has collaborated and released an all new blonde ale called "Broken Promises" which will exclusively only be available at Cars & Craft shows. A light smooth flow makes it easy to drink, and alongside the available brick oven pizza's, your meal for the night can easily be settled. Saint Paul Brewing does have quite a variety of pizzas available, and are made to order. So get your order in early to enjoy the rest of the night. 11 Wells Spirits is a wonderful distillery on site that offers a wide variety of whiskeys, cock-tails, rums, and such that are all sourced from local Minnesota farmers. Since their arrival, they've been nothing but modest and supportive of our monthly Cars & Craft shows to this very day.

Cars & Craft runs from typically 6pm until 10pm and we asked for all per-registrants to stay the entire show if possible. Not only because of the limited space that the featured area allots, but also for the safety of all guests in the area. Whether they are attending the show or not, Saint Paul Brewing and 11 Wells Spirits bring in their own customers, and keeping them safe as well as everyone else is always on our mind. Now there are circumstanced that come up, like handicap accessibility, pre-show and post-show engagements that need to be followed up, and we are always willing to hep accommodate those who voice their concerns and needs to us. Because of our limited space, we do require pre-registration and meanwhile it is free to register, it allows us to keep control and track the amount of cars for the feature lot to fully reach vehicle capacity.

For those of you whom have been to every show or participated in every show, we truly thank you for your overwhelming support. For those who have yet to attend one, we invite you to come on out and enjoy a good time with a crowd that just enjoys a good variety of cars and trucks from around town. Every show is different and yet, the atmosphere stays the same with good vibes, food, drinks, and more importantly, custom vehicle builds. Cars and trucks ranging from daily driven, classics, hot rods, muscle, import, tuner, stance, low riders, and lifted trucks, there's always something here for everyone. And the best part, is that it's free to attend or register your vehicle. Now, we will say this, it's still too soon so please remember to keep to personal responsibility and accountability and practice social distancing when needed. Masking up is also something you can continue to do whether you're vaccinated or not. We also would like to remind everyone that we don't want people getting in trouble, so no burning out or such as you leave. Not to mention the police station is literally 1 block away from the brewery and distillery. Also, remember that it's Saint Paul and those pot holes are always lurking just around the corner. So why take a chance in being in that one "Car Fail" video on YouTube of Instagram? Anyways, we hope to see you out at the next Cars & Craft event on June 5th, 2021. Until then, keep calm and drive on.


Helpful Links: Saint Paul Brewing

Rollerz Only (Minnesota Chapter) Can Can Wonderland

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Drive Cartel

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